A history of infographics at New Scientist (well, sort of)

Last week I was clearing up my desk in preparation for an office move in October, when I came across some of my first graphics completed for New Scientist way back in 1990. At that stage I was freelancing for the magazine and had great foresight to keep everything I did and paste them into a ‘scrapbooks’.

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 10.05.25

At that stage everything was done on CS10 paper using Rotring pens of various sizes and scraping out mistakes and corrections. Text was printed out from a basic Macintosh II and pasted using cowgum onto an acetate overlay. Colours were specified to the printer as acetate overlays as well – happy days of ink everywhere and the smell of cowgum.

2 1

I posted a couple of the graphics on twitter and LinkedIn to many comments, so I thought I should post a couple here. I will photograph many more and try and catalogue the styles through the years when I get time, but in the meantime enjoy…



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