Visual Storytelling for the Scientist and Researcher

Just back from Milan where I gave a presentation on Visual Storytelling for the Scientist and Researcher to Associazione Alessandro Liberati – Network Italiano Cochrane annual meeting

A very interesting day of presentations all based around communication of biomedical research and health issues with images and new social media, dissertations on how to be a smart medical writer, and how to make sure that health information online is not presented misleadingly

The audience was made up of about 250 people, including clinical researchers, epidemiologists, health decision makers, and scientific journalists.

It was a fascinating day of presentations from:
Davide Bennato, social media expert and founder of Tecnoetica
James Heilman, promoter of the WikiMedicine project
Alice Pace, journalist of
and then after lunch
Annamaria Testa, creative advertiser and writer
followed by a round table discussion
A great day and thanks to the organisers for inviting me.
Hope to go back at some stage…

I have been asked to put my presentation up online – it was rather long and I had to cut it short after running out of time but I will try to do it very soon
In the mean time here’s Davide’s reflections of the meeting, thanks to him for this
Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 10.24.40



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