About this blog…

I am an information designer and visual communicator with more than 25 years experience and director of Nigel Hawtin Information design Ltd

Until recently I was the graphics editor of New Scientist base in London, England.

I’m hoping this blog will show a collection of graphics produced for New Scientist as well as others publications and websites and keep up to date with my public speaking events. I thought it would be good to share the processes and challenges I go through creating the maps, charts and explanatory graphics for the scientific specialist and researcher as well as to the general broader reader with an interest in science. I would also like to include and share any graphics and visualisations that I come upon as well as my experiences at conferences and meetings

I have been involved in producing scientific and technical graphics for over 30 years. Initially with pen & ink and water colours before moving on to fully computerised 2D and 3D materials using Illustrator, Photoshop and Cinema4D.

All views are my own. I hope you find this interesting.

New Scientist is a London based weekly magazine. With a small staff, we produce information graphics that cover all aspects of science and technology, from maps of biodiversity to the latest explanation of a quantum theory.

All images are copyrighted by New Scientist unless otherwise stated


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